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ARES Tactical Concepts is a comprehensive system of learning and applying tactical defence concepts to your everyday life, designed and developed by Damien Heim.

Damien is a former member of UK Parachute Regiment and Special Forces Support Group (SFSG). He is an accomplished Risk Manager, Close Protection Team Leader and Surveillance Operator.  

During his military and Close Protection career he has served and worked in some of the worlds most volatile environments, and his experience is second to none. With almost 15-years experience of staying safe in hostile environments as well as war-zones, Damien is also proficient mixed-martial artist with over 20-years of combined training and competing experience.

ARES Tactical Concepts is led by Damien Heim at every level. A consummate and experienced professional at every level he has received high praise as a team leader, operator and instructor.

Ares Tactical Concepts offers high quality, realistic training solutions, which will raise your fitness and mitigate the risk to you, should you find yourself in a situation where you might have to defend yourself, and your family or for Close Protection Operators your clients. 

With multiple applications covering a range of real life and operational scenarios
ARES Tactical Concepts is your best answer when dealing with threats in our increasingly dangerous world!

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