Pad Blast Training Sessions

Pad Blast

Pad Blast Training Sessions are delivered in one-to-one training sessions or to small groups.

Pad Blast Training is intense and explosive and is designed to increase functional fitness while also honing “striking skills”.

Pad Blast Training is a hybrid training that incorporates Boxing/Martial Art’s strike drills with cardio-fitness. 

Pad Blast Training is used to improve “striking accuracy”, reaction speeds, and overall fitness.

Training Options & Fees:

1. 30 minutes Training: £15.00

2. 60 minutes Training: £25.00

3. Block Booking: £100.00
    (5 Training Sessions for the cost of 4)

4. Group Booking: £10.00 per person
     (1hr Training, Groups of 2 – 4 people)

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Please note when booking Pad Blast Training for small groups – Email us for your payment instructions

Pad Blast Payment Options

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I need to bring or wear?
    Just loose clothing a tracksuit or sportswear wear would be ideal.
  2. Am I too old to participate in Pad Blast Sessions? 
    No, you are never too old to train; we work at a pace that suits you.
  3. Do I have to be fit?
    No, Pad Blast Training Sessions will help improve your overall fitness.
  4. I have an injury can I still take part in?
    Yes, but you will need, to let Damien know. If you have a serious injury a letter from your GP to say that your are safe to participate will be required.


If you would like more information about Pad Blast Training Sessions,
Please Email or
Phone: 07854497635