Active Shooter Training

Public Response Training - Active Shooter

Active Shooter Training provides you with an intelligent response on the dos and don’ts in the event that you find yourself caught up in an active shooter incident. Active Shooter incidents can happen anywhere including: the work place, public spaces or while on holidays.

While gun-crime and mass-shooting (active shooter) incidents are thankfully few and far between in the UK, they do unfortunately happen. The same can not be said for other parts of the world. Some of the most popular international business and tourist destinations are in countries with a moderate to high incidence of gun crime and in these destinations active shooter incidents do occur on a regular basis.

Knowing what to do, could help you to minimise your risk of sustaining injury and could help you save the lives of other.

In an increasingly dangerous world, where the geopolitical landscape is rapidly changing, countries that were once considered safe, are no longer as safe as they were. The best way to avoid panic and injury when you are caught up in an active shooter incident is to get trained.

We believe there is nothing worse than not knowing what to do when confronted with emergency situations.

Active Shooter Training  supports our wider programme of  security and safety awareness!

Learn the skills which will help you to understand the threats and mitigate the risks to yourself, your family, colleagues and community!

The training you will receive from Ares Tactical Concepts was born on the battlefield and has been tested in life!

Our instructors are not only senior Security Risk Management Consultants; they are also Hostile Environment Close Protection Operators with military backgrounds, all of whom have seen active duty in war-zones over the past 10 years.

Active Shooter Training will:

  • Provide you with an awareness of UK vulnerabilities as well as addressing some of the issues you might face concerning gun-crime when travelling abroad.
  • Provide you with advice and tips on how to react in order to avoid injury.

Active Shooter Training Includes:

  • Active Shooter Drills
  • Training Materials
  • Training Equipment