SF Experience - Pen y Fan

Team Ares trained consistently with Damien for weeks in the run-up to the Fan Dance…

Pen Y Fan is a mandatory part of the gruelling Special Forces Selection Course…

Team Ares Won the Mixed Team Award… Congratulations Team Ares… The hard work paid off…

Damien, Emma and Greg... bergans and backpacks loaded and ready for an early morning traning run.
Team Ares - Morning Crew -In training for Pen Y Fan
Damien, Emma, Dan and friend - ready for another morning training run and with time and distant clocked.
Team Ares - Morning Crew - Training for Pen Y Fan
Damien & Chris - ready for an afternoon training run.
Damien's Kit for Pen Y Fan
Damiens' Bergan and Kit for Pen Y Fan Challenge
Damien's Bergan packed for Pen Y Fan
Damien's 35kg Bergan packed and ready to go.
Damien & Emma in training for Pen Y Fan
Emma and Damien - afternoon training run
Chris in training for Pen Y Fan
Chris, Ryan, and team - early morning training run
Team Ares - Morning Crew - Training for Pen Y Fan
Greg, Damien & Emma - Training run as sun rises over Southend Seafront
Gathering at the stat point
Pen Y Fan - Prior to the start of the race everyone gathering in the field for a hot brew before the race.
Early morning Brew - before the race
Pen Y Fan - Damien having a hot brew before the race starts
Greg Goodrem - On the Fan
Greg at the halfway point
Chris at a check point on the Fan
Chris... taking a moment at one of the check-points along the course
Emma at the check point on the Fan
Emma - arriving at one of the check points ... one more mountain to climb Emma...
Damien at the half-way point on the Fan
Damien at the top of Pan Y Fan...
Damien - on the home stretch Pen Y Fan
Nerly there Damien - Finish line is in sight!
A view across the Fan
One of the view across Pen Y Fan
Damien and Friends
Damien met some old ex-Para mates at this January's event...
Damien with Gemma & Daz Collins
Daz & Gemma Collins took up the challenge and met up with Damien and Team Ares for the SF Challenge
Chris with Founder of the SF Experience
Chris - at the opt of Pen Y Fan, ... bottom image look of joy when the race was over.
Damien & Para Reg Buddies - on the Fan
Damien with his Reg Buddies just prior to the start of the race.
Team Ares - at the end of the race
Team Ares - From the Left: Greg, Emma, Damien, Ryan and Chris
Team Ares are Winners!
Team Ares receiving their award ...
Our Framed Winners Award
The Award
Team Ares Makes the local news
Team Ares made the local news on their return to Pen Y Fan.