Corporate Knife Defence Training

Dynamic Knife Defence Training

Dynamic Knife Defence Training provides you with the fundamental skills to be able to defend yourself, in the event that you have been unable to avoid or escape from a knife wielding attacker, who is intent on doing  you harm.

With knife crime is on the rise across the UK, and prevalent in other parts of the world,  knowing how to defend yourself could be seen as an intelligent response to violent criminal threats.

It is a sad fact that criminal activities or incidents that involve extreme violence and edged weapons are increasingly common. Incidents of this nature are unpredictable, escalate very quickly and often include the use of knives or edged weapons.

Our Dynamic Knife Defence Training uses simple but highly effective defensive movements, which will help you avoid sustaining life threatening injury, in the face of a knife attack. The defence tactics you will be taught are easy to remember and have the added benefit of being effective in a range of attack scenarios.

Delivery of Dynamic Knife Defence Training to our corporate customers is undertaken at your premises to limit disruption to the working day.

If you or your HR Managers are worried about staff safety and would like to discuss how we can deliver this training;
please do not hesitate to email us or give us a call on : +44 (0) 7854 497635.