What we do

What we do
Damien Heim - Delivering a training seminar

Ares Tactical Concepts provides training solutions for:

  • Corporate Clients
  • Security Professionals
  • the General Public

Every year Ares Tactical Concepts develops and delivers training courses around the UK and internationally.

Our Core Curriculum includes:

  • Self Defence & Tactics
  • Woman’s Self Defence 
  • Knife Awareness 
  • Dynamic Knife Defence 
  • Active Shooter
  • Travel Safety Training UK & Abroad 
  • Personal 121 training 

Additionally, we offer bespoke training courses designed and developed to focus on our client’s individual needs.

Our mission is to support our clients, customers and students in developing the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to defend themselves, their families, colleagues and communities in a variety of situations, especially random acts of opportunistic violence and crime.

Not all of our training events incorporate physical self-defence components.

Workshops and boot-camps are self-defence orientated and can be physically intensive.

It all really depends on your training choices.