Executive Close Protection

In light of this week’s terrorist attack at the Houses of Parliament in London on Wednesday 22nd March, and the anniversary of the Belgian attacks, we can safely say that terrorism is becoming part of our daily lives in the UK, mainland Europe and globally. It is no longer something that happens in a faraway country or something we read about in the news.

As stated by Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, on Wednesday evening after the tragic events of the day, “Terror attacks are part of living in a big city”. As much as we don’t like to admit it, events over the last two years have shown there is a growing trend in terrorism in cities across Europe. This trend doesn’t take into account the ongoing terror in other parts of the world.

Although the chances of being caught up in a terrorist attack in daily life, while going about your business or when on holiday, are extremely small, it does happen. At Ares we are often asked by clients what we can do to lower the risks of being caught in a hostile event and what we can do, in the event of being caught in one. The advice we give will depend on our clients and where they are going. In some situations we offer training and in others, Close Protection is the best solution.

Close Protection Officers/Team

The value of having a Close Protection Officer (CPO) or a Team looking after your ‘person’ or family members in a hostile event was again proven on Wednesday during the attack on Parliament, when the Close Protection Officer, who is believed to be the bodyguard of Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon, ran towards the knife wielding assailant who is now responsible for the deaths of 5 people, including PC Keith Palmer and injuring over 40 people. It is believed that the CPO was waiting close by in Sir Michael’s vehicle when the incident took place. He was the first to react and on seeing the assailant’s attack on PC Palmer, he exited the vehicle and ran towards the assailant closing the distance, then fired 3 rounds into the knife-wielding attacker who later died of his injuries.

Simultaneously members of the PM Theresa May’s Close Protection Team reacted swiftly and evacuated her from the building. She was then removed from the potential threat and taken to a safe location.

These are standard, well-practised and drilled security tactics that are used day in, day out by the Security Services and Close Protection Officers.

So what are some of the Benefits of having a Close Protection Officer?

Executive Close Protection Officers (also referred to as Bodyguards), are a practical and effective response to a range of modern threats and risks to individuals in many walks of life. They are no longer the domain of the elite and the privileged or governments.

Close Protection Officers in the main come from a military or police backgrounds and bring with them a wealth of experience within hostile and domestic environments. They are first aid trained so that in the event of an accident or incident, they are your first line of medical support, which can make all the difference in a life-threatening situation.

Ares Executive Close Protection

Our Executive Close Protection Consultants will work with you to create your Close Protection Security Programme to ensure that any threat you and your family may face is mitigated; no matter where you might be, or what you’re doing. Your tailored Executive Close Protection Security Programme will include the level of Close Protection required and the way in which it is delivered.

Ares Risk Management take a holistic risk management approach and utilise a combination of physical and technical methodologies to ensure your safety, security and peace of mind.

For further information about our Close Protection Services and how we can help, please don’t hesitate to call or email for a free consultation; alternately Ares Tactical Concepts can provide a range of training for Close Protection Operators, and members of the general public who are interested in being Champions of their own Safety & Security. See our Training for more information

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