How Safe Ares You when You Travel

Here in the United Kingdom we believe ourselves to be safe and as a consequence of that, we think that the rest of the world and places that we visit on our holidays just as safe as we are here at home.

We believe that the police forces abroad are as good as ours, and that the reaction times and training of their emergency services are trained to handle situations are up to our standards… We think that the emergency services are equally as good.

The hotels and resorts that we love to travel to and stay are as modern as our hotels at home, so we let our guards down and relax. We assume that the places we love to visit must have plans in place in the event that when something unthinkable do’s happen, we’ll be looked after, protected and helped to safety… In the back of our minds we always say things like “that will never happen to me” and “it’s just another headline story in a world that seems to be getting more and more dangerous”.

We have become as a nation dependent on others to help us if something bad happens, from mugging, rape, stalking, and now with knife crime and even gun crime on the rise on our on shores, but we forget that other country’s that we visit on our holidays are different to us; guns are not regulated and are far easier to get a hold of, not to mention the carrying of edged weapons is almost a way of life in these far flung and exotic places.

Today’s dreadful news is yet another example of excellent holidays going very wrong, when gun-men shot and killed tourists in Tunisia.

This is where Ares Risk Management and our Travel Safe Training among other Travel and Journey Risk Management Services can help the British traveller and tourist to look after them self’s with basic tactics that have been taken from the military and close protection industry; to help them, make good decisions and buy themselves time in these critical moments where every second counts to keep themselves and family members safe.

Bad things do happen, we live in an increasingly dangerous world and we know from experience that having the training and skills to deal with them can help save the lives of yourself and others. Don’t be a victim due to lack of training and understanding and awareness.

Till the next time ~ Stay Safe

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